We support adaptive athletes to attain their dreams


our mission

In wheelchair basketball, players need both sophisticated ball and chair techniques to perform the best on the court. In wheelchair rugby, players bump their chairs aggressively. Every adoptive sport is incredibly interesting. Even though some people who can realize how cool these sports are through playing and interacting with players, not many people can have these experiences. Since we want more and more people to know about adaptive sports, we have a mission statement, “Promote and deepen the understanding of disabilities through adaptive sports”. To achieve this mission, adaptive athletes have to spread their messages in society more actively. Therefore, we set three specific goals.

Offering Opportunities to Learn and Deepen Understanding about Disabilities


We offer learning opportunities to deepen educational institutions and companies’ understanding about disabilities.

​Offering of Community


We offer a community where everyone can join regardless of their disabilities.

We offer a community where everyone can join regardless of their disabilities.


We support adaptive athletes to play supports and spread their messages to people in society.

If society can provide people with more opportunities to be exposed to adaptive sports and athletes in the future, adaptive sports will be more popular and be able to help people with disabilities to push themselves out of their comfort zone through sports. Also, offering opportunities to learn about disabilities can change many people’s lives. We would not be able to achieve our goals on our own. Therefore, we are going to work together with everybody in society to attain our mission and make an inclusive society.


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