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Center Pole offers adaptive sport classes regularly. Anyone can join us regardless of their disability.


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​CP Adaptive

Center Pole started adaptive sport classes in March 2020. Our purpose is giving everyone opportunities to have fun exercising together regardless of their disability. We offer programs that people who get in wheelchair for the first time, who do not play sports so much, and who do not like sports can enjoy. In addition to popular adaptive sports such as wheelchair basketball and rugby, participants can enjoy different adaptive sports such as wheelchair soft ball and Brazilian jiu-jjitsu throughout the years. We also offer some cultural programs. Since Center Pole works with some adaptive athletes, participants might be able to see them in person if they come to the classes as guests. We also look forward to taking you for a tour to watchgames that our adaptive athletes play.


About Class


Wheelchair Sports

We offer sports programs using wheelchairs. Participants can try wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, and wheelchair soft ball. In addition to them, they can play new sports that we devised. Participants can borrow sport wheelchairs for this program without any extra fees. If you are 10 years old or older, anyone can join us.

​Fitness and Jiujitsu

In fitness classes, participants can try exercises such as yoga and animal flow with professional instructors. In jiu-jitsu classes, participants can try Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Jiu-jitsu has many branches including adaptive ones, so anyone can join regardless of their disability. Of course, wheelchair users, people with upper-limb disabilities and people with visual impairment can join us. There are adaptive jiu-jitsu tournaments all over Japan, so we will help you with watching them or joining them.

​Culture School

Center Pole also offers cultural opportunities such as work experiences, DJ schools, comedy live shows, and outdoor experiences. These opportunities will be unforgettable experiences for participants. These are held irregularly, so please check our activity schedule.

Sport Watching Tour

We offer tours to watch games that Center Pole athletes play. Participants will see how cool they are when they play games. We also offer opportunities to talk to top-level adaptive athletes in adaptive sport classes.



  • 1月31日(日) CENTERPOLE Wheelchair Basketball Class
  • 2月7日(日) アダプティブスポーツクラス
  • 2月14日(日) CENTERPOLE Wheelchair Basketball Class
  • 2月21日(日) アダプティブスポーツクラス

​ ご質問 


I do not have a sport wheelchair. Can I still join?

-Of course. You can borrow them without any extra fees.

。There are different sport wheelchairs in size, so you can borrow a wheelchair that fits you the most.

Can adults join too?

-If you are 10 years old or older, anyone is welcome to join.

-I have a disability. Can I talk to staff before I join?

-You can contact us anytime. We have different programs and can offer you the one that fit you the best.

Is there any other event that is not related to wheelchair sports?

-Yes. We have different exciting programs Brazilian jiujitsu, Boccia, and new sports. We also offer opportunities to interact with adaptive athletes and watch their games.

I would like to start playing adaptive sports as a player in the future. Can I talk to you about it?

-Yes, of course. We will help you with talking to staff and adaptive athletes working for Center Pole.

I do not have a disability. Can I still join?

-Yes. We also offer programs for a large number of people such as a company, so please let us know.



​Executive Director

My name is Tokinori Tanaka. I am the CEO of Center Pole.

I have met many wonderful people and had many unforgettable experiences through sports.

I look forward to meeting you in classes that we offer.

Please check out “note” for more information about our activities




I have had experiences as a staff member and referee for wheelchair rugby. (I still work as a referee)

I will support participants and help them have fun in classes that we offer.

Lets have fun together!! Please join us!!



Head Instructor

I have played different adaptive sports around the world. We started these classes to give kids in Japan more opportunities to be exposed to sports. I am also going to make an environment where parents can feel comfortable about having their kids play sports.



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